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Explanation of Process

Carolina Counts program encompasses the entire operational improvement initiative at UNC. The first phase of this initiative was the Diagnostic phase resulting in the consultant report that was presented to the university community. The current phase is Analysis and Design.

Analysis and design phase is comprised of 10 initiatives or improvement areas that were identified in the diagnostic phase. Each improvement area is led by a champion. Within each area there are projects expected to achieve targets identified by the champions and Carolina Counts program office. Each project team is comprised of a group of faculty, staff, or administrators as appropriate, and led by a project team leader.

Under the leadership of the project leader, the teams research the opportunities, analyze processes or policy options and cost implications, evaluate alternative scenarios, define measurements, estimate the improvement targets and savings, and propose a solution to the champion. The champion approves the solution and assigns it to an implementation team to put the recommendation in action. 

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